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Private voice lessons

Join us for Private Lessons at Bright Lights Theatre! We offer 30-minute, one-on-one voice lessons at our studio for students ages 9-19. Whether you are looking to brush up once or twice before an audition or train weekly over the course of a year, we have opportunities for you!

Our voice students are divided into two categories: those that have a consistent, weekly voice lesson slot with us and those that do not. See below for details on these two groups. 

If you are interested in taking Voice Lessons with us, please feel free to add yourself to the waitlist via our Enrollment Portal. Click HERE to register with or to log-in to our portal. Once logged-in, you can find the Weekly Voice Lessons class in our portal and add your student to the waitlist. If you can't find the class right away in the system, be sure to toggle the filter so you are viewing "All Classes" instead of just "Classes with Openings". You can also use the "Search" feature to search for "Voice Lessons"

Voice lessons cost $45 per 30-minute lesson and are charged directly through your Bright Lights Theatre/Sunshine Dance Account. Voice lessons can be canceled at no charge as long as at least 24 hours notice is given. If 24 hours notice cannot be provided, lessons are still charged out.


Weekly Voice Lesson Slots

Students who take weekly voice lessons with us have a dedicated slot automatically saved for them each week of our session! During these lessons our students work with one of our voice instructors to train and grow as a singer over the course of a semester. These students can expect to learn the basics of reading music, breath support, vocal placement, pitch accuracy, rhythm, style, and more. Students will learn a new song every 2-3 lessons, allowing them to work through a wide range of material over each semester that helps them become a well-rounded singer. Materials in voice lessons often is grounded in Musical Theatre but can also extend to other genres such a pop, jazz, and classical. Students in our weekly lessons also have the option to bring in their own material if they have an upcoming audition or performance they'd like their instructor to assist them with. Our Spring semester culminates in a Voice Recital for all of our students with weekly slots! Students each spend their final 4-5 lessons working on a 1-2 minute selection (chosen for them by their instructor) that they will perform for family and friends! Recital is required for all students with weekly voice slots.

For students who either we cannot fit into our weekly schedule or for students who cannot commit to a consistent weekly lesson, we offer Drop In Lessons! Students interested in drop-in lessons can place themselves on our Voice Lesson Waitlist via the Parent Portal. Once completed, you will have access to our Drop-In Lesson Sign Up page. From here, waitlisted students can sign-up for any extra slots that we are able to add into the schedule or sign up for a slot that may have become available due to another student's cancellation. Additionally, if a consistent weekly slot becomes available due to a cancellation, we offer that slot to someone on our waitlist!

Although students who take drop-in lessons do not have as consistent of a schedule as our weekly students, these students can still expect to cover a wide range of material and the same skills as mentioned above in weekly voice lessons. Students may choose to bring material to each lesson that they want to work on or our instructors can provide material to work on with each student.​

Drop in Voice Lessons

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